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Best Self Cert Mortgages

Before the 2008 credit crunch, self cert mortgages were available to employed and self employed applicants who could not prove with accounts and payslips etc. how much they earn't. The thought process was that if the customer was already affording a higher mortgage and loans repayments every month, then at certain percentage mortgage advances against property values, proof of earnings was not sought.

Very often applicants would back up their main job income, whether employed or self employed, with other work that may include casual work like cash in hand work, doing bar work, delivering marketing flyers or the many other types of jobs people do like operating catalogue agencies or Avon door to door sales and Betterware agents or the suchlike.

People in these situations very often found it hard to secure mortgages and loans because of the additional risk that they may pose to a lender, which is where self certification mortgages were found to be useful.

Today, this approach has changed and those measures no longer exist, but there are some flexibilities in place for self employed applicants ONLY, where they cannot provide 3 years of accounts.

The mortgage experts that Moneymatchmaker connect customers with always approach these situations in a positive light and have access to some of the best mortgages that are available.

The mortgage lenders believe that if an applicant has taken the time to secure extra work to earn more money, then wherever possible they want to work to provide mortgage facilities to allow customers to borrow money at a competitive rate, that allows them to buy the property of their dreams.

How do i find a mortgage that will come as close to the old self cert mortgage?

The simple answer is, you need to take advice and guidance from a Financial Conduct Authority regulated mortgage expert, one who can assist you in securing the best mortgage, at the most competive interest rate that meets your needs.

To find out more, complete our online mortgage enquiry form and let the experts do the rest for you. They will look at your individual circumstance and find a mortgage product that suits your needs. Even if you have had debt problems, as there are mortgages available that allow for people to have had historic debt problems. The rates may be slightly higher, but by taking a new mortgage and demonstrating that you are responsible and showing that you make your mortgage repayments regularly and on time, you will soon be able to get back to a standard rate uk mortgage.

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Mortgages for Self Employed People are one of our Specialities!

Mortgages for self employed applicants are available, your expert will help you to find the best mortgages for self employed people and employed people.

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