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Mortgages For People With Limited Accounts

Self Employed Mortgages

No Accounts or limited accounts? 

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Mortgages where other methods of income proof may be accepted when a full 3 years accounts are not available. These types of mortgages used to be know as:

Mortgages can be available for self employed applicants with or without full 3 years proof of income. In some cases mortgages can be arranged for self employed applicants with limited accounts where flexibility is given for poor credit.

You may have had a history of arrears and CCJ’s. At, we are interested in your future and not what has happened in the past.

We have access to a panel of lenders who have special plans available for self employed applicants.

These include borrowing up to 100% of property value without the need to supply a full 3 years set of Accounts.

Our mortgage consultants will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail with you and to provide you with your free credit search and no obligation mortgage quotes.

Self employed mortgages are special mortgages that are set up for self employed people who are homeowners and require to raise money. Sometimes these used to be referred to as "self cert" or "no proof of income" by loan companies, but no income mortgages as used to be no longer exist within the UK.

If you require a self employed loan there are a number of options depending on your circumstances. If you are self employed and have a good credit rating then the following should apply:- 

Self employed mortgages up to 100% of your property value.
You will need to provide proof of trading for at least 2 years (business invoices), had a mortgage for 12 months and be over 25 years of age.

If your credit is less than perfect then you should still be able to get a self employed loan (self cert loan), we can tailor a plan to suit your situation.
The following features:-

  • A minimum of 2 years trading.
  • It may be possible to ignore any payment defaults.
  • It may be possible to ignore any unsecured mortgages e.g. credit cards, car finance etc.
  • It may be possible to ignore CCJs over 2 years old and satisfied CCJ's. offers you expert advice and a great deal on self employed mortgages, click below to enquire now.

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