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Mortgage Advance Calculator are proud to present you with a new revolutionary technique for calculating affordability, you'll be amazed at the size of the mortgage quotes available on a Full Status or Self Certification (Employed or Self-Employed only) basis!

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Find out instantly how much you can borrow, in some cases we can help you to borrow up to 7.5 times more than your annual income!

To use the Calculator:

  • Full Status Income 1: Enter the primary applicant's gross annual income.
  • Full Status Income 2: Enter the secondary applicants gross annual income.
  • Monthly outgoings not being consolidated: Enter your monthly outgoings on loans / credit cards / hire purchase etc. This should NOT include outgoings that will be consolidated within the new mortgage.
  • Adverse Level: Select either low, medium or high as a rough idea of the level of your adverse credit.
  • After this information has been entered click the submit button.
  • Your result will then be displayed in red text below the button.

If you are pleased with the result then please get in touch with us to secure your free credit search and the borrowing for you...

Mortgage Advance Calculator

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Full Status Income 2:
Monthly outgoings not being consolidated:
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