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Mortgage Income Proof Problems - No Need to prove how much you earn...

Specialist mortgages where we do not need proof of how much you earn. We can help:

• Self Employed without any accounts
• Recently become Self Employed
• Can't prove your overtime payments
• Several cash paid jobs
• Employed and paid part cash
•Simply can't prove what you earn!


Is proof of how much you earn a problem?

Whether you are employed or self-employed we have access to mortgage products that are designed with you in mind. Our mortgage lenders specialise in true self certification mortgages for purchases and remortgages and mortgages are available up to 95% of the value of your home, even when it is difficult to prove your income.

Income proof problems, whether it's because your accounts don't reflect your profit or you work solely on a commission basis or whatever the reason, even if you've suffered bad credit and mortgage arrears – We Can Help!

If you can afford to pay a mortgage, but cannot prove income in the traditional way, we can help you to get a mortgage that requires no proof of income.

Mortgages that do not require any proof of how much you earn are known as self certified mortgages or self cert mortgages. With this type of mortgage, you don't have to provide accounts, pay slips or any other proof of income; instead you simply certify that you have sufficient income to service the repayments. You could qualify for up to 95% of the purchase price.

Even if you have adverse credit or have had previous arrears, we have access to specialist lenders who will lend you the money to make a fresh start. We can help you if you have bad credit, this maybe because of unpaid bills, credit card arrears, loan defaults or mortgage arrears.

New start mortgage solutions are available which present you with a more flexible way to pay your mortgage.

If a flexible mortgage is important to you, payments can be tailored to meet your changing circumstances. You can increase payments or pay lump sums when cash flow is good and reduce payments or take payment holidays when you need to.

We specialise in helping people to find self cert mortgages, no income proof mortgage applications and much, much more.

We can help with many aspects of self cert and self certification procedures for mortgages.

    * Self Certified Mortgages
    * No Income Proof Mortgages
    * Mortgages with no accounts

If you are one of the estimated 4 million self employed people in the UK, or you work differently than is the norm, then you will benefit from using the services of a specialist mortgage company like, who specialise in arranging self certification mortgages and remortgages for the self employed, company director's, contractors and employed people who due to overtime, commission and cash in hand work, find it hard to prove how much they earn.

Historically lenders in the UK have taken a cautious view of the self employed, however many of the mainstream and specialist lenders now provide a solution for the self employed through self certification mortgages.

With a self certification mortgage, you simply make a declaration as to what your income is and you don’t need to provide any proof. You simply declare that you have sufficient income to service your new mortgage and that is it, so there is no need to provide any documentary evidence such as accounts, P60s or payslip's.

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