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Mortgages for people with CCJs

County Court Judgments - Ccj mortgages are intended to assist people with credit problems to raise money to get themselves out of money troubles and repair their credit rating issues.

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Mortgages to Reduce your CCJs

Example types of ccjs

  • mortgage ccjs
  • loan ccj
  • ccj mortgage
  • Credit Card ccjs
  • Rent ccjs
  • Unpaid bill ccjs

Is it too easy to get credit? Are we being encouraged to borrow more than we can afford?

The total amount borrowed by UK consumers has doubled since 1995 - that's not including mortgages! No one, not even the lenders, deny that we are falling even deeper in debt, and high APR rates are making payback a constant uphill struggle, and may result in a bad credit rating. A personal mortgage with low APR could be your answer to avoid falling in greater debt.

At we are aware that the Citizens Advice Bureau are seeing more and more people whose borrowing has simply got out of control. Some of their clients have been allowed to take out as many as 20 to 30 credit cards!

So is it too easy to get into debt? Get Advice on what to do if your cards are out of control. can help you find a sensible bad credit mortgage to consolidate debt and get you out of trouble. At the end of the day all the money you owe, you owe! but if it is dispersed around at varying APR rates, putting it one place and putting a sensible figure on it, you really can save headaches and frustration.

How does my credit report affect me?

The contents of your personal credit report can have a bearing on whether or not you are given credit. Factors other than the information held on a credit report may contribute to a lending decision as well (such as the information you provide on your application form), but your credit report is important.

Your credit report can affect your ability to:

  • Get a mortgage
  • Get a credit card
  • Obtain a mortgage
  • Credit scoring

It's important to be aware that different companies use different methods when they are deciding whether or not to give you credit.
You do not have a single credit score and credit scores are not shown on your credit report

Get it right!

As the information held by credit reference agencies is used to determine what credit you can obtain, it is important those details are right.

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To view your personal credit information that lenders are currently basing their credit decisions upon, apply online for a credit report now....

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