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Best Bad Credit Mortgages - Fast Online Mortgage Help

Take control of your Money! works with lenders that have schemes that allow for the money troubles that modern day living can bring.

We understand that life takes turns that sometimes cannot be controlled and that debt can get out of hand for the best of us.

Our online enquiry form takes just a couple of minutes to complete and will give you instant access to money help and guidance to help with credit problems and overcome debt worries.

We completely understand and will work sympathetically with you to get your finances back on track, so to get started now...

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Take control of your money and let us help to solve credit problems.

  • The road to financial recovery is an easy one to join with the help of our credit repair specialist consultants. Our aim is to help you to pay off your debts and repair your credit rarting and we can start today!
  • We have various options to fix your credit problems, including bad credit Interest only mortgages that are available to keep your monthly payments down whilst you are repairing your credit problems, but you need to make sure that you make arrangements to be able to repay your mortgage at the end of its term and we can help you with this.

Contact us today and get approved for fast bad credit mortgages - even with a less than perfect credit record, we can work with you to make a fresh start!

  • Todays more flexible lending rules mean that we can approve most people in minutes for a mortgage for bad credit and credit repair mortgage solutions can be in place in days!
  • You can be approved, even if you've had late payments on your loans, credit cards and your current mortgage and we can also help with out of control overdrafts, helping you to stop worrying about debt.
  • Debt collectors, defaults and looming bankruptcies make life very stressful, our consultants will show you how to get out of the debt trap today.
  • A Moneymatchmaker consultant will help you understand every debt solution option available to you.

Pay off all of your high interest bills, cards and loans and have one easier to manage lower monthly payment!

We have helped some of our clients to save £100's of pounds every month by not paying anymore high APR loans.

  • Our Fresh Start bad credit mortgages will provide one low-interest rate monthly payment, instead of having to make several higher-interest payments every month.

No prepayment penalties

  • Check out the No redemption penalty options available to you, we have access (Subject to Status) to penalty free mortgage options which have absolutely no redemption penalties.

How does a fresh start mortgage work?

  • 95% mortgages are available for people with bad credit.
  • We use the value in your home to help you to raise cash to pay off your high-interest loans, credit cards and overdrafts and help credit problems.
  • Your actual monthly payment will depend on your individual situation, but our rates will be competitive whatever your circumstances.

Who is our credit repair help for?

  • Anyone who has a less than perfect credit rating due to late payments, ccj's, mortgage and loan arrears, past bankruptcies and/or defaults.
  • Anyone who has out of control loans, credit card debt or adverse credit problems.

The specialists at make it easy for you!

  • We Save you time - We fill out the forms for you.
  • We give you expert help - We help to find the right mortgage for you.
  • Fast Service - You will be approved in minutes and we will complete your new mortgage in days.
  • Convenient - We can come to you, but only if you want us too! Talk to the specialists NOW!